Monday, May 9, 2011


It was Mother's Day yesterday!!! I am sure everyone did some awesome stuff with/for their madre. This was my first Mother's Day I didn't get to spend with my momma in, well actually, ever, I think. I can recall in recent years celebrating my mom with Shane, Court, Dad and the guest of honor of course, by going to Rockies games and ROASTING (mainly my mom, lets just be honest--love ya mom), playing frisbee golf, weeding the yard then planting flowers, and seeing some movies. This year I sent a card, which hopefully will get there tomorrow... oops :) and chatted with my loving mom on the phone. I also got to spend some great time with both Grandmas, both of which have been so loving and supportive throughout my entire life, and two of my seven aunts. Needless to say, I have some awesome women in my life, all of which I love dearly. Since it was Mother's Day, I am going to focus on the one lady in the whole entire world who responds only to Shane, Court, and I as Mom.

I am sure everyone says their mom is the best, but let's be real here, mine is :). She is truly my best friend! This last year has been a crazy one, and my momma has been right there with me! From the lows to the highs, I can count on good old Judaloo to hear me out, give me advice, tell me its going to be ok when I got a D on a test, listen to my random stories about people she doesn't know, talk to me when I was lonely for the first 3 months in CA (I have grown out of that thank goodness) and be just as excited as I was when I got an A in biochem. And most all of this was over the phone, usually on my commute home from school. Even when I call her and it isn't convienient she always listens! She is seriously the best! More than anything, my mom is a great example. She is so loving to us kids and my dad. I couldn't have had a better model of what being a mom is, I have been so blessed by my family, that is something I am sooo extremely grateful for. I hope one day to be just as loving, faithful, caring, funny, forgiving, and full of life as my mom. Thanks momma, I love you!!
Momma and me at Coors Field, I think I got my love for baseball part from her and part from Daddy
So Happy Mother's Day to you Momma and all the other moms out there!

Love & Smiles

sammi d

P.S. Found a quote iPhone app while bored in x-ray this am... so here is today's quote.

"You can't push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb himself." ---Andrew Carnegie

I think Mr. Carnegie was telling us to get up and go for it! Carpe Diem

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