Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer is Officially HERE!!!

Happy Summer to y'all!!! It seems as though the June Gloom (yes, it really does exist! I didn't believe it until I lived it, I totally figured all these spoiled Californians were just exaggerating cause they are used to 75 and sunny all the time) has finally passed, only partially cloudy in the am, but it burns off by 10 am, latest. That being said, the weekend was FANTASTIC!!! Every single day was exciting, fun and filled with sunshine!!

Court, me and Bry!!! Not sure if I posted this, but I love this picture!!!
So the past few weeks have been filled with tests, quizzes, tests, and more quizzes! I had one today as well, and somehow I passed. Let me tell all you, x-ray physics is BORING!!! It was one of those tests that I walked out of thinking WOW, I hope I got half right. I am pretty sure there was a hard core curve to the test, because I ended up with a solid B. Definite high note in my book! Now I sit in Pathology, and I really don't feel like listening, so I am blogging. Great use of my time!!

Wayfarer Family! Great friends, Molly, Taylor and Janae, at a BBQ our school put on. 
Now for a recap of my weekend! Thursday was busy with tests, go figure... But Thursday afternoon we went to the batting cages. Man, was that fun! I only whiffed 5 times, and took at least 60 swings, maybe more. I kinda surprised myself with my skills, I mean its a lot less pressure than actually playing in a game, which I did last spring in Denver. I definitely want to get on a coed team, which is hopefully in the works for the fall. I will need a bit more practice and some conditioning of those muscles (oh my was I sore the next day, I felt old), but it should be a blast. After that I went to some friend's home and had some yummy chili and the best cornbread Muffins! Shout out to Janae who is an awesome cook and the Mormon Mom's Cookbook- that book has some tasty food it in, only magic comes out of there! We concluded the night with some cards games, that I stunk at btw, but it was a blast none the less.

Ice Cream with Jes and Bui after school on Thursday, such a great way to start a beautiful weekend!

The crew after going to the cages! Y'all are the GREATEST!! I love that my friends like to do active things!
Friday was a pretty lazy day, I went on a morning run which was super fun. When I am in the mood to run, I sure do love it. I ran to my mom's elementary school, St. Anthony's, which I found out is a little over a mile away from the house. So a short run, but it was fun to get outside and sweat a bit before I went to Long Beach to get a Keratin Smoothing Treatment done on my hair. So far I like it, at first it was  way too flat, but the next day I dried and straightened my hair in 15 minutes! AWESOME!!!

Saturday was TRULY SUMMER! I woke up and went to bootcamp then came back to the house to get ready for the BEACH!! Ash, Marc, Maka, Kyle, Ollie, Bailey and I all met up at the dog beach in Huntington Beach! It was sooo fun, the dogs had a blast, as well as owners. It was a beautiful day, and although the water was its typically chilly self, it was still great. Bailey was a blast to play with in the water. She was so funny trying to outrun the waves, my favorite was when she actually got in the water running after her tennis ball, she is such a good swimmer and looks so cute in the water. Unfortunately I was the one fetching it most of the time, especially when it went too far. Boy do I love the sun and the beach! I can't wait until this next weekend and plan to go to the beach again!! Plus its the 4th of July, arguably my favorite holiday!! Speaking of the USA... Saturday night Mike, Ash, Marc and I met at Buffalo Wild Wings in Brea. Its pretty new, and so nice. It has a beautiful patio upstairs that is perfect for summer nights in the OC. We watched the US Men's National soccer team start strong and then fall to their demise. But I couldn't have asked for more fun with great friends. I was even lucky enough to get an appearance from a best friend from CCU, Harmony! We both live in southern CA, about 2 hours from each other and haven't seen one another since NOVEMBER! We both decided that this is unacceptable, and will be working on seeing each other a little bit more often. It was so great to see a familiar face and one of my very best friends, not to mention a huge soccer fan. The night ended with a Scattergories VICTORY from me! Great weekend with absolutely no school! Gotta love it!!!

Kyle and Marc with the pups. The frisbee got lost in the rocks, it was rather windy and the thing was going all over the place!
Note to self and all others: Don't go to the dog beach if you want to lounge around because 1) your towel will get taken over by the dogs and it will get sandy super fast (they are seriously drawn to my 5x5 towel, there is a whole beach pups),  2) the second you lay down a dog will come lick and sniff your face and 3) its way too fun to lay around, the dog beach is the place to play with your dog and others, I would suggest it to any friendly dogs!! Plus your pup will be tuckered out the whole rest of the day, and maybe even the next day if you play with them enough. Oh, thats Bailey and Ollie making themselves very comfortable on my towel :)
Marc, Ash and Makapu'u
Auntie Sammi and Bailey! I absolutely adore this dog, she is such a lover and is a very close second to my pup back in CO, Helia.
Sunday was typical studying and watching baseball (Rockies and Halos both lost), so we won't really talk about it. But you won't hear this girl complaining about a day filled with baseball.

I also got a new book! The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha. It is absolutely hilarious! In short, it highlights the little things in life that we often take for granted. I was walking through Target and thought hmmm, I would love a new book so as I browsed for the best looking covers I stumbled upon this one... The back cover had me hooked so I looked it up on amazon and it was half the price of it at target so I ordered one for me and one for my girl Rach! Here is what the back said:

"Sometimes it's easy to forget the things that make us smile. Sometimes it's tempting to feel that the world is falling apart. But awesome things are all around us: 
Popping Bubble Wrap
The smell of rain on a hot sidewalk
Hitting a bunch of green lights in a tow
Wakingup and realizing its Saturday
Fixing electronics by smacking them"

How true is this!!! So now I usually read one in the am and one before bed. Everyone should read this book! Or go to the website that the book is based on and check out all the awesomely great little things that totally can turn any old day into THE BEST DAY EVER! (Or the best day for that specific moment, or maybe something to just make you smile)

The cover that caught my eye! Thank goodness for great graphics, or else this gem would have been passed up.
Who can forget, I totally made brownies for the sole purpose of eating the batter on Sunday night! AND IT WAS AWESOME!

I did actually bake some, promise :)
Now for the real goods!! I know some of you might think this is gross, but I also know there are a few of you out there who LOVE this as much as I do, including my daddy and Krissy! 
Alright, so it obviously isn't Monday anymore, which was when I started this post, but you get the idea... I have a iPhone app called BePositive (its free and I would suggest it to you all, its just a great reminder of how much positivity and attitude can affect your day) and I read it daily. This one cracked me up, but it is so darn true!!!

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." --- Samuel Beckett

It might sound weird to tell someone to fail better, but when you really think about it, the process of learning just about anything is progressively better, (not worse) repeated failures. I can equate learning how to adjust to this. It's not easy folks! But every time I practice I manage to fail better than the time before. So here's to failing better! Cause who wants to sit out and watch just so you can say you didn't fail. How boring is that!

Be Blessed on this 4th of July weekend!! I am so proud to be an American, I can't wait to hear that song, watch fireworks and get chills up and down my back. That is living!

Love & Smiles

sammi d