Sunday, May 22, 2011

Highway to Health

The school week is over and I couldn't be more excited for the weekend! And a little shut eye tonight, I am beat! But even as tired as I was today (and likely all the SICA crew that attended DCS-more to come about that) I can't complain. Cause I am blessed! So are you! We all are actually, even as hard as that is to see sometimes. Blessings surround us daily.

Ok, so here is the back story. Back in February there was a chiropractic conference that was put on by a group of chiropractors in the Orange County area. It is called Cal Jam. I was unable to go because I was back in Denver that weekend, but a few people from school were able to make it. Long story short, the people who were able to be at Cal Jam haven't looked back since then! They are FIRED UP about chiropractic and it is contagious! You know when someone has experienced something so awesome that you can't wait to have a part of it yourself, well last night at the Dead Chiropractic Society I was able to be a part of it. It's official: MY WORLD HAS BEEN ROCKED!! I am pretty sure I can't even do it justice, but here is my feeble attempt...

So 4 years ago was my last time in Uganda, and I will have you know, there is no place like that. Until you have seen poverty like that first hand, its hard to comprehend. I will admit, its hard for me to comprehend after being away for a while. Well, while we were there, I remember driving through Kampala. We were waiting at a stop light and the car in front of us got robber. They had their window down and a guy ran over to them, stuck his hand in the passenger window and straight up yanked the woman's purse from her. Right then. Right there. GONE. I remember looking out the window, bright eyed 18 year old Sam thinking Oh my, that couldn't have just happened! As we drove away, we drove past a person who was on a mat begging by the road, which might not have phased me, but this person didn't have legs. No feet, no calves, no thighs. No legs! The reason I bring this story up is because one of the speakers, Dr. Liam Schubel, at DCS told an oddly similar story. For him, though, seeing the femur-less man was a wake up call. It was a call for him to do something bigger than himself. It was also a reminder to count your blessings. Dr. Schubel also said something that is completely true, with great blessings comes great responsibility. This is were I seem to fail at times, but I am not one to give up easily. I hope to be able to pass blessings on to people everyday, even in the littlest ways. It is those random acts of kindness that sometimes mean the most to me.

So its Saturday now, I couldn't stay up Thursday night to do the rest of my post :) But back to all the DCS talk... The other speaker was Dr. Brian Kelly, President of Life West Chiropractic College. He was great as well. Both spoke about what chiropractic means to them, and the root of chiropractic. Listening to them was so inspiring. I picked up my pops from the airport after DCS and I couldn't stop talking about it! I am sooo extremely blessed in my life, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am exactly where God wants me. I feel such a sense of peace knowing that in less than 3 years I will be able to help people live their life in a complete and whole way. I WILL be a chiropractor who adjusts subluxations and restores the body's innate power to heal itself! (WOW, did I just use those 3 words in one sentence!!!) I could not be more excited about the all us DC kids (that's a shout out to all you LACC students) are going! I have found such a great group of friends and future colleagues who challenge me to think differently and are 100% supportive. They are my chiropractic family and I am proud to say that!

This quote is to all you DC kids...

"There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only scarcity of resolve to make it happen" ---Wayne Dyer

I can say that I will be doing just that, and that pumps me up! I love you all!!

So we went to see Bridesmaids and it was hilarious! Ridiculously crude and raunch, but funny none the less. We were early so of course the boys had to play in the arcade. Although Mike looks all business, Jay was the victorious one. 

I got a new curling iron and had to test it out, as well as testing the ability of my superior oblique muscle. Looks as though I might have a lesion to R CN IV... I don't think so really, but I guess all my IPES studying has paid off!

Be blessed!

Love & Smiles

sammi d

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