Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey You!!

3rd Term has officially begun! And CA has opened me with "warm" arms!! Not sure how to feel yet about the classes, but I know its awesome to be back with all the great people at LACC. Definitely great to know how many sweet friends I have out here in the OC. I actually went to a friend's house last night to watch some team who wears purple and gold play this sport where they throw a ball at an round orange thing and get points if it goes through the white part... (I prefer games that involve no hand eye coordination, although you are looking at the reigning LACC Half Court Contest winner, luck much?!) Unfortunately (for my friends, at least) they lost. Still fun to be able to be around great people before the term gets too crazy. 

Its been stinking hot here (hence the "warm" welcome) but I haven't been complaining because it snowed on the day I left CO and was stinking cold. Not sure which is better, I will take mid 70s this weekend though! Since it was so warm today (95!!) I decided to ride top down in Stella (that's my Saab's name) from school to Boot Camp tonight. I was waiting at a really long light and the man next to me says, "Hey, excuse me!" I turn down my country music and he asks, "What part of Colorado are you from?" I respond by telling him I went to school in Denver, but grew up in Loveland. He told me how much he loves Colorado and that he went to CU Boulder (GO BUFFS), then lived in the area for many years after he finished. We had a little conversation car to car and then said bye when the light turned green. I think his 14 year old daughter in the front wanted to become invisible for a few minutes, but the funny thing is that what she thinks is her crazy, old dad being weird totally MADE MY DAY! Only a fellow Coloradan would shout through his window just to share his love of the place. So thanks old man in the Land Rover, you made me smile! The most I had ever done was wave at other CO plated cars in CA. I better step up my game!

Last picture of the mountains as they faded away while driving to DIA...
One more thing. You all might not think this is as awesome as I do, but I have become completely obsessed with organization. It might be the only way I keep my sanity with 26 credit hours the next 3 months. Anyway, today during a long lunch I ran errands and went to Michael's to buy some card stock as a covering/backing to some notes I was going to bind together. I was lucky enough to find this...

Yup, you saw that right... GLITTER!!!!! I know you are sooo jealous. Oh the things that being me joy! On that note I will leave you all! Oh and here is a picture of the mani/pedi me and my momma got on Saturday before I left! I had so much fun with her :) I may not be one for make up and getting my hair done, but I love painting my nails! I call it the girliness in me! (and maybe I like glitter too, what's it to you)

Thanks Momma :)
Oh, and I had to share this too! (thanks Mike for posting this one) Just some food for thought from the pioneer of chiropractic... 

"Following the path of least resistance is what makes rivers and men crooked." ---BJ Palmer

Remember that when people doubt you or think you are crazy for being different. Being crazy is more fun anyway!

Love & Smiles

sammi d


  1. couple of comments for you niece...the reason you can't figure out that round ball game is cuz you've been watching that amateur nuggie team...and your conversation reminded me of something your dad would do :)))
    Love ya!

  2. Cath- those silly nuggets, but not so silly as those sorry lakers... And so true, my dad would totally do that, maybe that is why I felt for the girl in the front, and why it also meant so much to me :) Love you!!