Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bend it Like Beckham

This weekend was a SUCCESS to say the least! Probably one of the best weekends I have had in a while. Started with a Thursday after school trip to Draft Picks, the sports bar by school to relax, eat, watch some basketball and catch up with friends. It was the first time I had been there since St. Pattys and totally reminded me of how far we (me and the DC kids) have come. I actually got to know a lot of the people I consider good friends at that place. Anyway, after DP's I went to another friends to have chocolate chip pancakes. Those are my favorite and to be real, they are the only way I will eat pancakes. We bought the whole wheat brand, don't make that mistake, Bisquick all the way next time Jes and Ry. Also practiced adjusting, let me tell ya I need more practice, but it will come, and I can't wait for that time!!! 

Friday was equally as great, I went hiking with Ash, Marc and Maka (their puppy) and we even encountered a snake! Actually two, I was the lucky on the come across the first one, and lets just say I had a little freak out and started running up the trail :) Marc and Maka lead the way after that one! Its pretty cool that even here in Southern California, the epitome of concrete everywhere, there are still awesome canyons and places to enjoy nature. This was something I enjoyed so much about Colorado, so I am pumped to be able to have similar experiences here. Though they aren't 14ers like in CO, I still got a great workout and spent some time enjoying the outdoors with good friends. Friday night consisted of softball! A few of my best friends from class play on a team together, so a few of us went to go watch. And they WON! Shout out to No Pay Bunt. Another fun time chit chatting with friends and enjoying the pretty weather, we are possibly in the works for doing a coed team. I played softball this time last year in CO and totally enjoyed it, I am definitely not the best, but its fun to get out there and play around. I can never be accused of not trying thats for sure. I hope it works out for some of us to play, I might need to get on that this week!

Now for Saturday!!! I went to boot camp in the morning, got my bump kicked, which was much needed, then headed to my Grams and Granddad's for lunch. I spent some awesome time with them, its so fun cause they always tell me the best stories, I learn so much every time I am able to hang out with them and always laugh a lot! Later that night I left for Whittier, en route to the LA Galaxy game. We got In-n-Out before the game and were on our way! I had my first encounter with this lovely city...

Ya, Compton. It wasn't actually too sketchy, but I just found it hilarious that the sign said City of Compton Welcomes You. But it really might not be that funny, because what did I really expect it to say "Drive the other way, its sketchy in this town."  Needless to say, we didn't drive that direction. We ended up at the Home Depot Center to watch David Beckham, Landon Donovan and the rest of the Galaxy take on Sporting Kansas City.

Brady and I after we got on the Big Screen!!!

Caroline and Jes! We had a blast watching those boys play!

That is David! Its been a dream of mine to watch him play!

Right before he bent it! No goal on this effort though.

David Beckham is obviously a great soccer player, but he was one of the first ones I really ever knew about. I learned of him when I was a freshman in high school, after watching the movie Bend it like Beckham. Although the movie is really not even about him, that where I was first really exposed to him. At the game on Saturday, HE SCORED!!!! And I went nuts! It was seriously one of the coolest things ever! I wanted to cry, not really, but it was way cool! To see him play was sweet, and the fact that he scored, that sealed the deal!

DC kids at the Galaxy game! Me, Jes, Brady, Caroline, Mike, and Ash! Let's make this the first of many trips to the Home Depot Center!

Had such a blast with these girls!
After that we headed back to Caroline's for what might have been the most fun of all. Rock Band Roulette! Lets just say I am by far the worst, and I had to sing some Paramore song, pretty sure my voice hasn't recovered from that one! It was a great time with great friends! I am so blessed to have finally found my footing out here in California! Thanks be to everyone who has really made this place feel like home.

Sunday was rather uneventful, back to reality, school, groceries and relaxing. I did make a yummy dinner for my grandma, cousin and myself. I am becoming more and more comfy in the kitchen, GO ME!! First quiz of the semester is tomorrow, hope my studying pays off!

"The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn't like to do." ---Thomas Edison

Many blessings to you all as the week begins!

Love & Smiles

sammi d

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